Kirk T Brown writes non-fiction works on the criminal justice system and criminal intrigue – as an insider. He is a freelance journalist, author and screenwriter, born in Calgary in 1967, was educated in Canada, U.S. and Scotland and has lived in Madrid and London for many years.


The Yolk

Kate Allen is a talented but frustrated journalist, who like a lot of (many?) smart women, is working a dead-end job. When she gets the chance to interview French actor and Hollywood superstar René Socarov, she thinks she’s landed her big break. But the day after their interview, René is found dead.

Armed only with a name, ‘Andreas,’ Kate sets out for Paris to uncover the truth behind René’s past and the secret that holds the key to his murder. Chased across Old Europe by violent criminals and never sure who she can trust, Kate is a long way from home and in deep.

Who killed René Socarov? What ancient secrets do his family hold? And who is tracking Kate across Europe?

“Kate is the new Bond, only better because she’s a woman”

David Franzoni, Academy Award winning Producer/Author of Gladiator